The 3 Traits of an Effective PPC Keyword List

Although keyword research can take a long time, it is critical for a good pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. Plus, keyword research doesn’t stop when you’ve finally launched your campaign. It is something that needs to be constantly refined in order to have an effective PPC campaign. Here are three things that your keyword list should be.


  1. Relevant – It doesn’t make sense if the keywords in your list aren’t even related to your website, products and services. That’s just a waste of cash. Instead, you need to find targeted and relevant keywords that can give you good click-through rates and improved earnings.
  2. Exhaustive – There are tons of keywords that you need to consider. Don’t just settle for the most popular terms but also include long-tail keywords. Not only are these more specific, they’re also less competitive and cheaper.
  3. Expansive – Your keyword list should be constantly growing. It should always be refined to adapt to the latest trends.

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