Questions to Ask Your Potential SEO Firm

A good search engine visibility is a must in boosting website traffic and leads and in increasing brand awareness and sales. However, not everyone has the right skills, knowledge and experience to achieve this. This is where SEO firms enter the picture. Here are some questions that you need to ask your potential SEO firm to see if they’re the right one for you.


  1. May I have a look at your portfolio?

An SEO firm that can be trusted would be more than willing to show you their past and current projects and clients. This will enable you to gauge what kind of work they can do for you.

  1. What strategies will you use to improve my search engine ranking?

Your potential SEO firm should be able to explain how they plan to improve your search engine ranking even without using difficult terms. They should also be able to give you an estimate of when you can achieve your goals.

  1. Can you ensure that my website will rank first on Google?

Any trustworthy SEO firm would never answer yes to this question or make any other bogus guarantees. Some will even say that they an insider in Google that can manipulate the rankings. Steer clear of this type of SEO firms.


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